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  • Why is pre-Kurgan (Indo European) history called “pre”history?
  • Why does Sintashta culture (where the numerous Aryan tribes descend from) end by 1800 BCE, right after the ‘mysterious’ end of the Indus Valley civilization??
  • How do cremations ie. Cemetery H start from 1900 BCE – the exact same timeframe for the time for the ‘mysterious’ end of the Indus Valley civilization?
  • How long has caste oppression plagued South Asia? (Naramsimhan 2019’s admixture date for Backward Caste at 1227 BCE; Kalash – 2562 BCE; Ulladan – 1758 BCE; Adi Dravider – 1756 BCE; Kuruba – 1726 BCE; GujaratiC – 1680 BCE; Chakkiliyan – 1656 BCE; Dogra – 1642 BCE; Panta Kapu – 1453 BCE; Chaurasia – 1405 BCE; Agarwal – 1338 BCE; Jatav – 1273 BCE; Srivastava – 1217 BCE; Kallar – 1181 BCE; Nadar 1178 BCE; Naidu – 1093 BCE; Palliyar – 1044 BCE)
  • Within the framework of Vedism-Brahmanism, why was existence equated to so much suffering, spawning Buddhism? Were Jains/Buddhists – pre Aryans?
  • Who were the Yakshas (ruled by Kubera/Ravana), Rakshas (civilized + veg according to Jains?), Vanaras, and Nagas?
  • If the IVC people weren’t indigenous/dark – why did the Rig Vedic Bharatas encounter/fight black ppl in east Afghanistan? And then fight indigenous mountain chief Sambara + destroy 99 of his forts??

  • Where did the recursive argument or the scientific method actually originate from?
  • How did metaphysical thoughts originate given that they were non existent in ancient Indian or Greek texts before 600 BCE


  • Did IVC people continually mix between ‘Iranian’ like and Ancient Indians or was the admixture completed from earlier on? Was endogamy/jati practised during the IVC?
  • Did Aryans mix with IVC people IN the subcontinent – or did they migrate from the Indus periphery already mixed with IVC/like people originally? Is the local ancestry largely only due to Aryans taking local wives? (Eg. Uttaranchal Brahmins have elevated NE asian DNA)?
  • Is the common denominator of the most violent invasions of ancient South Asia/India: Steppes’ ancestry ie. Aryans, Sakas, Hunas, Turks, Mongols, British? Do certain cultures/ancestries (/of certain geographies) correlate more with wars/violence?
  • How can caste privilege be denied when Indians abroad typically had higher Steppe DNA (eg. Brahmins & Gujarati people in the US incl Sundar Pichai)


  • Why do Irulas have elevated “Caucasian” DNA (Harappaworld)
  • How is it that Brahui (Dravidian) & Balochi people have little Steppe ancestry (& more “SW Asian”) — esp compared to Pathan, Bhatia, Burusho, Punjabis, Nepalese and even Kerala + Iyengar Brahmins? (Harappworld)
  • Why do Cambodian & Thai people have about elevated “S Indian” but so limited Baloch, NE Euro, etc
  • If Munda could’ve been spoken in the Indus, why is SE Asian ancestry so limited in people in NW India + TN Brahmins? (0% even in Irulas too) & Baloch DNA so limited in the tribes that have more SE Asian ancestry?
  • What is the connection between Bhil, Chamar, Khamsali & Sakili people given their similar genetic %s (apart from 2% of NE Euro in the northern groups) – just coincidence? Narasimhan 2019 dates admixture for Chakkiliyan at 1651 BCE and Bhil at 70 CE.
  • Do Nihali people have elevated SE Asian ancestry due to mixing with Korku ppl?
  • Why do Kerala Brahmins in particular have the highest ‘Baloch’ ancestry in the South? Kerala Nairs and Christians have similar genetic %s to Iyengar & Iyer Brahmins (apart from a bit lower NE Euro)?
  • Why do Chamar & UP Scheduled caste people have higher “S Indian” than South Indians (but more NE Euro)?
  • Dalits in Kurukshetra, Haryana have higher Steppe %s than Brahmin Bhatts in Ghazipur, UP or even Baniyas in Kurukshetra– but what about their haplogroups?
  • Why do Velamas & Reddys in AP have higher %s of “Baloch”? The highest, after Kerala Brahmins & Nairs
  • Why do Kurdish people appear to have elevated amounts of “Baloch” DNA like Iranians? (HarappaWorld)


  • What were the indigenous languages of India?
  • How widely was Nihali spoken and by whom?
  • Why is Tamil the oldest documented Dravidian language? as well as the oldest documented language in India after Indus?