Media · October 26, 2021

“Historical” Films on Ancient India

I’m cringing as I even put this list together. History in general is far too misrepresented. But that of India? For the masses, by Bollywood, etc? Uhh… I really don’t know if this should be a post at all. These may give some context?

Mohenjo Daro


Asoka killed hundreds of thousands of people. He was known for his cruelty, until he converted to Buddhism apparently.


I’d say, if you must, stick with the Tamil version. This is ofc way more mythological than historical in any case.

Gautamiputra Satakarni 

A Brahmin Satavahana king renown for ending the mixing of caste? Or so his mother boasted in cave inscriptions­čą┤


Calling Prithviraj Chauhan A Gurjar King Is An Act Of Identity Grabbing: Rajput Body


WHY Kangana Ragaut, ever.

The Warrior Queen of Jhansi

A British film, curious about this one ^