Naga / Non Kurgan/IndoEuropean · October 28, 2021

Ikshvaku: Magadha: Kikatas, Naga Civilization, Sramanas & Buddhism


Saishahunaga dynasty ~421 BCE

Mahanandin (killed by son? with a Shudra woman was Mahapadma Nanda – ie. the Nanda dynasty that succeeded him + destroyed the Kshatriyas? but Greek/Jain sources call Nanda son of a barber)

Mahapadma Nanda/Ugrasena

Dhana Nanda/Agrammes/Xandrames (too powerful that Alexander retreated from India when his army wouldn’t fight them — why is he portrayed as the antagonist in pop culture? — later overthrown by a vengeful donation-seeking Brahmin Chanakya using a signet ring? and replaced by Chandragupta Maurya starting the Mauryan empire)

Chandragupta – big in Jain legends, adopted Jainism before death?

Bindusara -273 BCE aka Simhasena? aka Amritaghata? Ajivika or into Brahmanism? requested Antiochus to send him sweet wine, dried figs and a sophist.[11] Antiochus replied that he would send the wine and the figs, but the Greek laws forbade him to sell a sophist

Asoka – big in Buddhist legends. Son of Bindusara and a Brahmin woman

Khandava forest, Takshaka and the Nagas — forest set on fire by Arjuna & Krishna, Pandavas for Indrapastha city – near Delhi? They then moved to Taxila. Takshaka – carpenter – naga. Mayaasura

One of the earliest references to Magadha is in the epic Mahabharata, where we see the entire Yadava clan abandoning their homeland on the Gangetic plains to migrate south-westwards towards the desert-ocean land Rann of Kutchh (modern Gujarat)  to avoid constant battles with their eastern neighbour, Magadha

Over to the Gandharis, the Magavants, the Angas, and the Magadhas, do we deliver the fever, like a servant, like a treasure. [Atharva Veda, V.22.14]

In the Mahabharata, Magadha is the mightiest kingdom in the country, stronger even than the Kurus (of whom the epic is all about).